Dial Report Listener Intelligence

Dial Report’s Listener Intelligence portal provides insight into listening and listeners for your station, market or competition. This information is free with your TagStation license and includes access to near-real time data source from the NextRadio app and station-branded apps utilizing our reporting SDK.

Dial Report’s census-level delivery data provides critical insights that allow the radio industry to compete for its share in the media mix against digital, TV, and other measurement-enabled media.

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This industry-wide solution gives radio stations census-level information about their listeners, engagement levels and listening trends. Information is continually updated in near real-time and and processed within 48 hours after airing.

Dial Report Listener Intelligence is critical to radio stations in markets where data is slow or difficult to come by. In larger markets, many stations vet this supplemental intelligence against other data sources.

Stations get access to a convenient portal where information rolls up to provide an aggregate view of:

  • Listening by days and dayparts
  • Hot zips
  • Detailed demographics
  • Listener location and behaviors

The Dial Report platform ingests and reports on a wide universe of radio listening data sources, including station-branded apps and over-the-air FM broadcasts heard in the connected car and on smartphones by people using the NextRadio® app. Dial Report access is free to radio stations with a TagStation license.

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