The TagStation Team Apr 21, 2017 Broadcasters, Insights 331

For Programming


Flagship station for the Indianapolis Colts


6-week schedule during prime NFL season

NextRadio app part of station ID

Personality Live Reads

Spot campaign  30/week

Live Event Kick-off – booth, VIP lounge, social wall at local tailgate


2016 – 10/10-11/20


NextRadio Listener Count:

Up 25% month-over-month

Next Radio Monthly TSL:

Rose from 33 minutes in Sept to 46 minutes in Nov

Re-Cap: Large bumps in TSL and NextRadio listeners, soundly beating the YOY increase of 17% 2016-2017. Comparable net spend of only $15,110 to achieve these results. The personality’s Twitter audience was 41,300 at the time, helping to extend both reach and audience participation.

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