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Part of NextRadio’s “Loving Radio” Insights Series

Over the past few weeks, we have been sharing results from our study with Edison Research. The findings highlight the fact that radio listeners are evolving, but their love of the medium’s portability, its importance in the community and ability to foster musical connections are steadfast.

At NextRadio, we are passionate about radio, especially as it enters this new phase. That’s because an activated FM chip on a smartphone can translate consumer radio love into real advertiser value. Applying radio campaign data such as that available from our app to inform and execute advertising is a key to the industry’s future.

Consider what broadcasters and advertisers can now do with radio:

  • Show real-time interactions listeners have with advertising and measure the actions they take, via metrics such as impression conversion, click-through rates, and taking other actions with a brand once exposed to radio advertising
  • Enable advertisers to test different messages and campaigns and get insights on what is working best, and enhance CTAs and other campaign components
  • Activate local advertising with location based technology, showing you how close a consumer is to your store when they hear or see an ad
  • Give a visual and interactive component to the advertising through companion smartphone ads that are viewed while an ad is broadcast

And they can do all of this while enjoying all of the benefits of terrestrial radio –its reach, its power, and its musical and community traditions.

You can see how Starwood property Aloft converted FM radio listeners into hotel bookings, and how Disney used broadcast radio to fuel a mobile response with a promotion for Demi Lovato.

Tell us: why do you love radio?

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