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TSBlog-SwingStatesNumbers-chart8-10-16We recently released results of a NextRadio® in-app survey that asked listeners:

“Do you intend to vote 11-8-2016?”

Responses from radio listeners nationwide showed nearly 6 in 10 said they are “Undecided” or “No,” they don’t intend to vote.

Amid reports of Presidential campaigns pulling media buys in non-competitive states, the survey makes a strong case for upping radio spend in the hotly-contested Swing States of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Listeners from Pennsylvania and Ohio said “Yes,” they intend to vote at a higher rate than Florida respondents who matched the overall number of U.S. respondents at 42%. Still, 47% of Pennsylvania, 50% of Ohio and 58% of Florida respondents said either “No” or they are “Undecided” to the question about voting in November.

Radio Could Wield A Large Amount of Influence 

Clearly, radio has an important role to play in reaching nearly 1 of every 2 Swing State listeners who is either still on the fence, or doesn’t intend to vote this election cycle.

Campaigns interested in activating the youth vote should take note of Pennsylvania; the state’s radio listeners were in fact some of the youngest respondents, with 11% age 18-24.

A key takeaway for sellers of all formats is this wide dispersion of age ranges that factored into the Swing State results:


The survey certainly helps make the case for campaign spending on radio. We also believe it can get broadcasters thinking about how to use NextRadio to interact with and collect information from your audience.

Source: NextRadio survey of app user base June 19-July 6,2016.

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