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NextRadio received a turbo-boost on May 29 during Indianapolis 500. An analysis of listener data from race day reveals that the event drew a 6.2x increase in listeners to the app and total listening time was 3.6x greater than the average across the prior days in the month of May.

Listening to sports via the radio has seen steady growth over the past four years and currently sits at 4.5% of market share*. This supports the nation’s appetite for tuning into radio to listen to their favorite sporting events all year, a tradition that has existed since the advent of the medium. NextRadio listeners were able to access FM broadcasts of Indy 500 coverage from their smartphones to hear updates from the track and commentary from their favorite on-air personalities.

NextRadio, the smartphone app that provides free, portable FM terrestrial radio pinpointed the locations of listeners at the event, as seen in this map.

“It was difficult to hear the grandstand announcers over all he sounds of the Speedway, so my fiancé and I shared a pair of earbuds and listened to the play-by-play of the race on NextRadio. We were initially concerned the app wouldn’t work because our cell phone service was hit or miss all day, but we soon found out we had nothing to worry about listening using NextRadio. The FM signal was crystal clear and helped us follow a confusing, yet very exciting, Indy 500 finish!”

We are excited to share that NextRadio crossed the finish line with the Indy 500 seeing notable in-stadium listenership. This showcases the ability for NextRadio to pinpoint listeners for advertisers to help them better understand radio listening and the behaviors of those listeners. The image features red pins to show where listeners were located inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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